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In this article I want to get across to the reader what a subluxation is, an understanding on how devastating subluxations are to your health and how to prevent the progression and reoccurence of them.

So what is a subluxation? Subluxations are unhealthy neurological patterns interferring with the body’s ability to express itself. This interference does not allow your body to function at 100% and overtime causes the breakdown of your nervous system which leads to chronic sickness and disease. The majority of time this process happens without any symptoms at all and that is why it is called “The Silent Killer.” Your body will still function while you have a subluxation just not as good as it could. See your nervous system is the master controller and controls, directs and operates every vital organ, muscle, gland, cell and tissue in your body and does it flawlessly as long as there is no nerve interference. Visualize with me the nerves running down your spinal column branching out between the vertebra and going to your heart and lungs giving them the vital nerve impulses coming from your brain so your heart and lungs function properly. Now visualize those nerves going to your heart and lungs and the they get completely cut, severed. Now how are your heart and lungs going to function? Not at all, right? Now visualize the vertebra not being in alignment and causing interference on those nerves not allowing 100% of the life sustaining messages that come from our brain, down our spinal cord and out to the heart and lungs. You see your heart and lungs will still function with this nerve interference, just not as good as they should. This is why it is so important to have a fully functioning nervous system. Because even though the nerves being interfered with going to your heart and lungs are getting the job done, however not at 100%, the interference overtime will slowly, relentlessly and progressively breakdown those nerves and cause long term health problems. Such as chest pain, breathing difficulties, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems to name a few.

There are three types of lifestyle stresses that effect our nervous system: physical, chemical and emotional stress.


• Poor Posture

• Car Accidents

• Sports Injuries

• Childhood Injuries

• Birth Trauma

• Slips and Falls

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Poor Sleep

• Repetitive trauma



• Nicotine

• Caffeine

• Artificial Sweeteners

• Drugs

• Poor Diets

• Processed Foods

• Cleaning Chemicals

• Nutritional Deficiencies


• Financial

• Work

• Relationships

• Family

• Depression

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Sadness

We live our lives through our nervous system and all stress is filtered and processed by our nervous system. This is how our body is designed. But, when the stress becomes very acute or chronic, say due to a death in the family or a car accident or eating unhealthy food for years, the constant or acute stress starts to overwhelm and break down our nervous system which leads to unhealthy, habituated neurologic patterns. This starts the downward spiral of chronic sickness and disease.

Subluxations interfere with our health in every dimension: physically, emotionally, mentally, expression of our health, expression of our human potential and expression of our human spirit.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, subluxations are progressive and relentless, like arthritis with damaging effects on your central nervous system.

Subluxations cause:

Spinal degeneration

Scar tissue

Bone spurs

Neurologic disturbance

Decreased performance at every level

Decreased health

Decreased longevity

It’s not how old, it’s how long! A 2003 British study has found that 9% of 10 year olds demonstrate intervertebral disc degeneration in the absence of symptoms. Dr. Francis Smith, radiologist at Woodland Hospital, Aberdeen, Scotland

Henry Winsor M.D., in an attempt to disprove wellness chiropractic, found just the opposite. His researched showed that 96% of the diseased organs on autopsy had the nerve that controlled the function of that organ damaged. He also discovered the effects of the progressive nature of subluxation on the nerve and spine.

So now you are probably wondering if subluxations are reversible and I’m happy to say absolutely! With proper care from a wellness chiropractor subluxations can be corrected and bring about amazing results! But don’t wait to get your spine checked as the damage done to your spine and nervous system from subluxations can become permanent. Wellness chiropractic care can restore neurologic balance and function, improve health and well being at every level!

Dr.’s Jarmel and Zatkin showed that mechanical irritation of the upper thoracic vertebral joints (the vertebrae between your shoulders) may create a source of unbalanced cardiac sympathetic nerve activity. The results of their study with patients who had dysrythmic cardiac abnormalities showed significant, enhanced cardiac balance following just one month of chiropractic care.

Dr. Ronald Pero is a research scientist in genetic susceptibility to disease -Cancer Research Division at the Preventive Medicine Institute. He studied individuals immune systems and found that people who receive chiropractic care experienced a 200-400% improvement in immune response compared to those who didn’t receive chiropractic care.

The first conventional HMO in the US to use chiropractors as a primary care physician found that after just two years of utilizing chiropractors, their hospitalizations were reduced by 80%, out patient surgery was reduced by 85%, and prescription drug use was reduced by 56%.

So don’t delay to get your nervous system checked for subluxations. I urge you to immediately find a wellness chiropractor in your community today to see if you have subluxations and if you do get them corrected now so you can enjoy an abundant, fun, energetic and healthy life!

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